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Over 30 years of video production experience and over 30 video awards.  
Video Production NJ is located in Morristown, New Jersey 07960

What cleints say about us

  • Adrianne Davis, Co-Founder/Executive Director, The North Ward Center Inc.
"You (Richard) and Susan have always done such great work for The North Ward Center’s Galas and more recently for our web site. It has always been a pleasure working with you and Susan."
  • Client, Colgate-Palmolive
"Rainbow Video is awesome! They are very professional and they think of everything that goes into the making of a great video. I am glad I picked you to create the video project, it was the right choice! I really enjoyed working with the Rainbow Video team. I was amazed also at how you were able to come in for a visit to look at our operations prior to making the video and were able to grasp all the fine details we needed to portray in the video and have such an in depth understanding of how things ran inside Colgate-Palmolive!"    
  • Kevin F Donnelly: Vice President of Industrial Services Enterprise
"I would be honored to be a reference for Rainbow. You won't ever find a more satisfied client than I.  You guys did a great
job.  You brought an excellent project in on time and in budget. And you were easy to work with.  What more can I say?"
  • Bertil C. Nelson. Ph.D.: Human Resources Professional, Atlantic Heath Systems
"Richard Kretchmer is among that rare breed of individuals who understands every detail and applies extraordinary intelligence to ensure that none is overlooked. I can count on one hand those I have known who share this quality. His knowledge of his subject matter is extraordinary. My guess is that he, on occasion, wakes from a deep sleep and takes note of a detail, nuance, or opportunity that will make a project better. He is both craftsman and artist with a flare for the unexpected that those who observe him think, 'I wish I could think like that.'   It is so easy to acknowledge and recommend him."
  • Dennis Douglas: Instructional Designer, Technical Writer, Trainer
"Richard and Susan Kretchmer are total professionals who provide audio, video and other media production and project management under one roof as Rainbow Video, Inc. Richard has extremely high standards for video production and editing, has a sharp eye for detail, and is very engaging. Both he and Susan have a calming effect on complex projects and provide excellent advice at all stages.  I have worked with them in a variety of situations from a corporate setting with on-camera talent to an industrial workspace where activities were captured in real-time. These projects were for the Bell corporations and a major public transit provider. I use Rainbow Video whenever possible, with complete trust."
  • Mel Obst: Director Technical Operations at NJTV, WNET
"Richard is very detail oriented. If I needed a video produced for my company or group, I would hire him in a heartbeat. His eye for creativity is by far some of the best I've seen."
  • Paul Payton: record company owner, musician, and voice over talent
"Richard and his wife Susan are partners in Rainbow Video, an outstanding script-to-screen production company. I am proud to have worked with them for as long as I have been living in New Jersey (two decades so far); I think so much of Richard that after my year as President of our ITVA (now MCA-I) chapter, I nominated him to be President after me, which he accepted. Rainbow Video is deservedly known for their quality and creativity as well as their absolute business integrity, and I am proud and happy to endorse Richard and Susan."
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Susan Kretchmer - Executive Producer/Writer
Richard Kretchmer - Creative Director/Editor
Rainbow Video Inc., Morristown, NJ 07960