Video Production NJ

Video Examples

We specialize in creating videos in which interview responses, natural sound, and powerful visuals tell the story, without scripting and without voice over narration.  We write the interview questions, conduct the interviews, shoot the visuals, select the segments and put them all together in the edit to create your distinct story.  Here are some examples of this style.  We believe it is a powerful approach.  Our clients always react by saying, "We love it but how on earth did you do it?"  Of course we can do any style the client wants but this is a popular one.
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  1. North Ward Center Gala Video
    "Richard and Susan have always done such great work for The North Ward Center’s Galas and more recently for our web site. Adrianne Davis, Co-Founder/Executive Director, The North Ward Center Inc. (6 minutes)
  2. Why CBI? (Community Based Instruction)
    Richard and Susan wrote interview questions, conducted interviews of key personnel and combined client supplied interview footage to promote the benefits of life skills and job training out in the community for special needs children. (10 minutes)
  3. Robotic Knee Surgery
    This video was one in a series created to market a cutting edge approach to surgery being used at Saint Michael's Medical Center. (3 minutes)
  4. EZ Riser- Raise the Roof
    This video was created to market a fairly unknown process of raising roofs intact to create modern warehouse space. (11 minutes) "You guys did a great job. You brought an excellent project in on time and on budget. And you were easy to work with." Kevin Donnelly, VP Industrial Services Enterprises.
  5. Television Commercials Montage
    This montage of TV commercials includes a Spanish commercial for a mortgage company. Richard and Susan have produced a number of Spanish videos through the years. (4:50 minutes)
  6. Seaside Heights Fun
    This Post Card from Seaside Heights was created just for fun.
  7. Center for Autism
    Created to market the new Center for Autism, Richard and Susan interviewed parents of autistic children and key Center personnel. (3:00 minute segment)
  8. Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot
    This behind the scenes photo shoot for a new jewelry campaign offered us the challenge of recording an interview of an executive in Japanese and editing it. (4 minutes)
  9. Child Development Center
    We created three web videos for the North Ward Center at the same time we were shooting their gala video. Great savings for our client! (1:30 minutes)
  10. 2016 Program Sampler
    A sampling of 15 programs in 6 minutes. Included are segments of videos created for marketing, public relations, fund raising, training, eLearning, and web videos. (6 minutes) Susan Kretchmer: Executive Producer/Writer Richard Kretchmer: Creative Director/Editor